Zero Abuse

We operate a zero abuse policy, both physical and verbal towards any member of our team.

Any patient found in breach of this policy may have to find alternative medical care.

Please respect the team that looks after you.


Ms Jane Rodgers

Community Midwives

Community midwives are attached to the practice to provide maternity services for our patients.  They run a clinic on Thursdays.

Community Nurses

A team of district nurses are attached to the practice. They are an experienced team of nurses who care for house-bound patients in their own homes and work closely with the doctors. Please ring 019755 62164.

Health Visitors

Health Visiting (Pre-birth to 4-5 years) & School Nursing (P1 to S6) Team

Health Visitors (HV) & School Nurses (SN) are skilled and experienced registered nurses with a specialist qualification in Public Health Nursing. HV’s and SN’s work with parents and carers as part of the Primary Care Team to provide high quality health care for infants and children and young people.

To contact the health visiting team based in Alford please call 019755 64561.

The School Nurse for the Alford Cluster is based within the Alford Community Campus and can be contacted directly on 019755 64609.

Health Visiting Team

Early Years have a profound impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing and HV’s have a vital role to play in supporting all children and families in the first few years of every child’s life to improve health outcomes.

HV contact begins at pre birth followed by a new baby home visit. The HV may have up to 11 contacts from pre-birth until your child is 4-5 yrs old to promote and support your child’s development and wellbeing. Depending on your family and child’s circumstances you may wish or require additional support and advice and this will be in accordance with your family and child’s individual needs.

HV’s are supported by trainee health visitors who are studying for their BSc (Hons) in Public Health Nursing they are also qualified registered nurses. They deliver the Childhood Immunisation Programme and under the supervision of the Health visitors and with parents/ carers agreement will have contact with families offering support and advice as part of their learning experience.  

A fully qualified nursery nurse (NN) contributes to the work of the Health Visiting Team providing practical child development support including advice on play, routines, weaning, sleep, can help with the promotion of a child’s speech and language based on your child’s and families needs and all under the supervision of the HV. 

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