Minor AilmentsPM_Appts

Please consider the following before attending:-

  • Many minor complaints can be treated at home, you do not always need to see a GP or Minor Ailments Practitioner. Often for minor ailments such as earache a GP/Minor Ailments Practitioner will only recommend trying simple pain relief for 48 hours. Remember for colds, coughs, earache and conjunctivitis, antibiotics are rarely recommended where symptoms have been present for less than 48 hours.


  • Eye problems are best dealt with by an optician, all the local opticians offer urgent/same day appointments.

  • Dental Problems are best dealt with by a dentist, all the local dentists offer urgent/same day appointments.


  • Remember you should see the nurses for health and lifestyle advice, blood pressure checks and blood tests.  We also have a Surgery Pod that you can use anytime we are open to check your blood pressure, record your weight and answer lifestyle questions.  This information will be transferred, electronically, to your medical record.


  • At particularly busy times if it becomes apparent during the consultation that you will require bloods tests or swabs do not be surprised if the GP asks you to make an appointment for the nurse for these.


  • If a consultation is taking longer than 15 minutes the GP/Minor Ailments Practitioner may well ask you to make a further appointment.


  • Other health resources such as the local pharmacy or on-line services such as www.nhsinform.scot which has lots of helpful information.  www.patient.co.uk is another very useful resource.  
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